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Top 3 Gifts for Muslim Men in 2017

03 March 2017

Top 3 Gifts for Muslim Men in 2017

If you are looking for a lovely gift for your Muslim friend, these Arabic watches are really astonishing and awesome! Whether its a present for your special someone or an addition to your fashion collection. Arabic Watch Shop is the place to go!

 Eastern Arabic numerals are the ones used in the Holly Quran & by most Arabic countries. Here are our top 3 suggestions!

1. Àrga Sandal & Zebra Wood Arabic Watch


Made with Sandal & Zebra wood, this hand crafted watch is as comfortable as it is stylish. Every watch has its own unique wood grain pattern and it's truly an amazing gift for yourself or for your special someone. A great looking gift box is also included.

Zebra wood is a hard wood that is commonly used in luxurious decorations & Sandal wood is an aromatic wood that can retain its fragrance for decades after cutting.

Àrga is a Turkish designer brand and is only available from our website.

• Case: Ø 45 mm
• Japanese three hand Quartz Movement
• Splash Water resistance
• Free Shipping 



2.Minimalist Black Mesh Arabic Watch

Pairs brilliantly with your Gentleman style and brings out your unique taste. This design features a case sculpted in sandblasted metal on an adjustable metallic mesh.

• Case: Ø 39 mm
• Japanese three hand Quartz Movement
• Water resistance 3 ATM
• Metallic mesh Band: 26 cm 
• Free Shipping 


3. Vintage Golden Leather Arabic Watch


This rose gold Arabic watch is exactly what you need for your formal dinners and business gatherings. With its lovely simplistic design and its brown leather strap that keeps your skin comfortable and cool, getting this watch is a no-brainer. It has a Japanese Quartz movement, stainless steel clasp, and a modern sandblasted finish.

• Case: Ø 41 mm
Japanese three hand Quartz Movement
Water resistance 3 ATM
Leather Band: 26 cm
• Free Shipping