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About us


Hello there! Welcome to Arabic Watch Shop. So glad you're here. My name is Hashem am the founder of Arabic Watch Shop and a watch enthusiast.

I've been fascinated by watches my entire life, which is what led to the creation of Arabic Watch Shop. Our team that consists of designers, web developers and suppliers believes that watches can make or break your outfit and that for every different outfit that you own you need a watch that suits it. We are an 'Arabic Numerals' design led watch shop creating lovely watches aimed at fashion savvy men & women. Founded in 2016, we create classical & vintage watch styles, that cater to watch collectors and those on a budget as well.



ساعات بأرقام عربية

The traditional way involves multiple middlemen standing in between the product and the customer. At Arabic Watch Shop, we do things differently. By using a direct-to-consumer model we cut out distributors, wholesalers and retails stores. This way, by avoiding all the middlemen we can offer you our Arabic Watches for less than $200.

About the numbers, there is a strong debate on the origin of the Arabic numeral system. This numeral system was found in scriptures dating to the 10th century. Nowadays, this numeral system is used in most of the Arabic speaking countries as well as the writing of the holly Quran.

Arabic Numbers used in the 10th century Kid Playing with Arabic numbers toysThe use of Arabic Numbers in the Holly Quran


Customer service is our number one priority and we would love to receive your questions or business inquires at info@arabicwatchshop.com or +971555161816.